Direct Mail Brings Results


According to DMA studies, direct mail has seen a resurgence and, once again, outperforms digital channels, like email and social media, in overall response rates. When combining direct mail with digital channels, performance can be boosted yet another 23-46%.

MailWorx uses an innovative approach to combine the proven performance of direct mail with Facebook, Instagram, Google, and the US Postal Service’s Informed Delivery to help you get the best return on your investment.


How does it work?


MailWorx combines direct mail with digital media channels to track the effectiveness of your direct mail piece from the time it hits the mailbox to the minute customers from your mailing list visit your website. We then continue to retarget these candidates with digital ads to push them towards conversion.

Almost 80 percent of customers interested in a brand will visit that brand’s website before making a purchase. However, Google shows that 96 percent or more leave the site without taking any action.

If visitors don’t take action on your website, MailWorx follows up with online and social media ads, increasing your chance of landing a new customer by 74 percent.

In addition to social media and online follow up, you get information about calls related to your direct mail campaign and email ad integration options with Informed Delivery® that help drive customers to your website. MailWorx also connects you with unique visitors to your website with LEADMATCH to help you generate new leads and drive new revenue to your business.


Better Marketing. Real Results.


For every $167 spent on direct mail, marketers sell over $2,000 in goods. When you use MailWorx, you will be able to tangibly measure the return on your direct mail campaign investment.

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